Get ready to join us on campus

It's almost time to start classes.  We know you are excited, a bit nervous, and wondering how to prepare for your first day on campus and/or in class. 


Here are some documents that will help you get ready:

  • Campus Resource List - summary of services by department, where they are located, and contact information. 
  • Campus Map - From dorms to academic buildings, this will help you get around on campus.
  • Housing & Residence Life - room dimensions, RA information, and when the dorms close for breaks.
  • Lingo - Colleges have some different lingo and this will help you understand what your faculty are talking about.
  • Packing List - a helpful list of items you will want to have for college and even some items that you can't have.
  • Red Devil Depot - don't forget to order your books and then pick them up from the Depot.